About Us.

Created by women, for women.

5 Things wants to redefine the way business gets done using strengths women already possess – communication, collaboration, and cultivation of relationships – to connect women who were previously left unconnected to opportunities. We believe we start that by stripping down the polished exteriors and getting comfortable having practical, truthful conversations with other women about the struggles, challenges and triumphs of today’s women.

Our Story.

5 Things was born over hours of phone calls between friends Carrie Eisenmenger and Brooke Starks about the struggle of being a professional working woman, volunteer, advocate and family woman.  Those phone calls turned to action when they realized other women must be driving themselves crazy questioning their existence with these conversations too.  They decided to put a stop to the madness of these unrealistic expectations and find a way for working women to shed the social-media personas and share real, tangible advice in a chill and casual space.

brooke and carrie five things
Brooke Starks Five Things

Meet Brooke.

Authentic. Genuine.  Relatable.  Those are the words that describe Brooke’s candid what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality. That down to earth attitude has equally helped her build a large wills & trusts practice as a lawyer as well as  daydream 5 Things into reality.  It wasn’t always that way – she spent the first half of her career trying to mold her practice into those of the attorneys around her, but after a while she took notice of her unique gift: the simple ability to teach and connect with people. That was the day her business started to thrive! A few years ago, she started to hear the voice in her head calling her to do “more” but it took a long time to find out what “more” meant until the idea of connecting women through 5 Things started to brew. She still runs an awesome estate planning practice while co-piloting 5 Things, serves the community on charitable boards, is wife to a very patient and supporting husband and plays mom to her teenage kids who are in All. The. Things.  She’s been the single mom, the business commuter, and the long-distance spouse. She loves God and people, relishes red wine on the patio and has big bold dreams that 5 Things will be a catalyst not only for this community but nationwide! Stop her on the street or at an event and say hello!

Meet Carrie.

“It takes a village” is the mentality Carrie Eisenmenger lives by.  As a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual, Carrie’s dedicated her career to supporting women by helping them navigate their current financial position and plan for their future.  When she’s not helping her clients work their way toward financial security, she’s supporting the community in other ways by actively participating on the board of United Way, Women United, and being one of the pioneers behind 5 Things.  Carrie is also a mom to three boys and wife to a football coach, embracing each and every moment (as smelly as it can be). 
Carrie believes that a group of like-minded women is an unstoppable force – a mindset that has empowered her role in 5 Things and driven her career.  Whether you’re looking for a comfortable approach to the complicated world of personal finances or you just need to bounce ideas off another fierce female, Carrie is your girl.  Find her at 5 Things and introduce yourself – she’s excited to meet each and every one of you. 

What We Offer